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2 Under 20 Runners-up - Class of 2015

By Dave DeLand

Originally published: January 10, 2016

The list of activities, extracurriculars and service projects on their combined resumes covers just about every imaginable facet of high school life.

It encompasses about as varied a range of interests as three 17-year-olds could conceivably have.

But there's at least one thing that Kaydee Miller, Isaac Logeman and Nicole Yang have in common: They really don't have very much time to sleep.

"I try to fit it in somewhere," said Miller, a St. Cloud Tech senior.

"I work on that," said Logeman, a St. Cloud Apollo senior. "It comes and goes."

"You know, sleep is for quitters," added Yang, a Sartell senior.

There are no quitters here. Nor is there anybody who misses an opportunity to follow a passion, or to give back to the community.

That's why all three were runners-up for the inaugural 2 Under 20 Award, which is presented to Central Minnesota teens who have been instrumental in shaping their communities through their leadership and service.

"It's such an honor to even be nominated with them," said Hannah Yackley, who along with Sartell High School classmate Gopi Ramanathan are the winners of this year's award. All five will be honored at a Jan. 19 reception.

"I feel like we, as students, are already making an impact," Ramanathan said, "and we can continue making an impact."

That's certainly been the case for Miller, Logeman and Yang, who all have made profound impacts on their schools and communities.

Here's the rundown on this sleep-deprived group:

Kaydee Miller, St. Cloud Tech. (Photo: Submitted photo)

She was a captain on the Tech tennis team that advanced to the 2015 state tournament, while also serving as a student representative promoting approval of a school construction levy.

"It is really important to me, since I'm involved in so much at Tech," said Miller, who also is on the Tech Student Council and is vice president of the Central Minnesota Association of Student Councils.

"I think Tech is an amazing school," she said. "There's so many talented people at Tech."

Including Miller. She's a National Honor Society and Link Crew member, and serves as a liaison between Tech administration and the student body. She volunteers at the Eastside Boys and Girls Club, sings in the Central Minnesota Youth Chorale and belongs to the school's Culture and Climate student group.

"I think I'm just part of a family that likes to really be involved in the community," said Miller, who has been accepted to the University of Minnesota School of Business. "I want to make a difference in a lot of things."

Isaac Logeman, St. Cloud Apollo. (Photo: Submitted photo)

"I love sports. I love theater. I love Student Council," he said. "It gets to be a lot sometimes, but I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do them."

Logeman values the diversity in his schedule. He also values the diversity at Apollo, for basically the same reasons.

"I could go through high school and be secluded, with just a few friends," he said. "My favorite thing about being involved is I get a diverse group of people.

"I love hearing people's stories and their background. It inspires me."

Logeman has narrowed his college choices to Luther College in Decorah, Iowa; Bethel University in St. Paul; and Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He's narrowed his potential fields of study to math and theater.

That's just about all the narrowing he's interesting in doing.

"In the political world, you hear all these comments. It hurts me," Logeman said. "I have some close friends who are Muslim, and I can't imagine casting them out because of one thing that labels them.

"(I want to) be accepting of all others, and make them feel welcome."

Nicole Yang, Sartell. (Photo: Submitted photo)

"I'm really shy," she said, "so when I moved here, it was ‘keep your head down.'

"When you join activities, you meet all these people. It gets easier to talk to people, and it gets easier to get involved."

Mission accomplished. Yang participates in theater, speech, Mock Trial, Model United Nations and National Honor Society.

"When I look at a club, I think, ‘Oh, that'd be cool,' so I join it," said Yang, who is also a Big Sister. "And then suddenly I'm hooked, and it just keeps building up every year.

"When I started doing theater, that helped a lot," she said. "When you're on stage, you're a character and you're not really yourself. You've got a script, so you can't say anything wrong.

"I really love Mock Trial, speech and theater — kinda the same thing."

Yang's college plans are to major in Spanish or English literature. Beyond that, those plans are still a work in progress.

"I know I'd like to travel a lot," she said, "and have lots of dogs."

And — just maybe — get a little more sleep.

For Miller, Logeman and Yang, there's little time for that now.

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