St. Cloud Area Then & Now

Here's your chance to turn back the clock — and then turn it forward again — as we take a comparative look at the St. Cloud area. A new interactive photo will be added each week. Don't forget to take a guess at where we're going next by looking at the detail photo in the latest St. Cloud Area Then & Now feature and sharing your answer on Twitter or Facebook.

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: St. Germain Street, 500 block

This view of St. Germain Street from the 500 block shows how not only the buildings and landscape has undergone dramatic changes, but so has the culture and vehicles. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Fifth Avenue South

Fifth Avenue South has undergone some dramatic changes over the years. However, some of the buildings, such as the current D.B. Searle's building, have remained mostly unchanged on the exterior. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: The Lahr block

The Lahr block on St. Germain Street was built in 1887. It still stands today, a sturdy testimony to a successful man. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: St. Mary's School

St. Mary's School has undergone a lot of changes through the years, with shopfronts obscuring the original view of the building. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: River's Edge Convention Center

After much controversy and opposition, the St. Cloud Civic Center, now known as River’s Edge Convention Center, opened its doors Jan. 13, 1989. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: St. John Cantius

The Renaissance- inspired red brick building had a granite foundation and 90-foot tall tower. It was completed and dedicated on Dec. 27, 1901, and was hailed as “a credit to the Polish people of St. Cloud.” More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Fandel's Department Store

The Fandel's Department Store was built in 1914. Fandel's department store was a St. Cloud family affair. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Davidson Opera House

A fire at the Davidson Opera House on Fifth Avenue South in February 1913 prompted a reconstruction that included room for the Davidson family to live on the third floor. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: US Highway 10

An archway used to greet travelers on the old U.S. Highway 10 (Lincoln Avenue) and Minnesota Highway 23 (East St. Germain). It lured gas stations to the intersection in the 1920s, including the Pure Oil Station which built the building that now houses Val's Rapid-Serve. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Tech High School

When Peter J. Seberger, founder of the St. Cloud parks system, suggested a piece of land just west of Lake George as the site of a new high school, the St. Cloud school board scoffed, asking, “Why do you want to go out to St. Augusta?” More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Drive In

Peter J. Karalis, president of Triangle Theater Corp., said The Cloud was one of at least 40 drive-in theaters built and in operation that season in Minnesota and the surrounding area. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: First National Bank

The First National Bank building on the corner of Fifth Avenue and St. Germain Street was “perfect in in every detail” when it opened in September 1889. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Boys Camp

The most happening summer spot in St. Cloud during the late 1930s and ’40s was the bend in the Sauk River at Alice Whitney Park. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Eddy's Drive-in

It all started with Eddy’s Drive-In, which opened on the corner of 22nd and Division Street in July 1947. Nick and Edna “Eddy” Kamer were the owners and Eddy’s mother, Agnes Pretzer, a well-known cook, was in charge of the kitchen. A SuperAmerica now occupies the spot. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Lake George

Lake George was once a 50-acre swamp on the edge of the city that harbored wild rice, reeds and ducks. It took several groups and more than 50 years to turn the city’s “eyesore” into “one of St. Cloud’s beauty spots.” More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Treasure City

Treasure City, the ultimate emporium of all things useful and useless, has been a roadside mainstay on U.S. Highway 10 in Royalton for more than 50 years. It delivers on its advertised promise that it “truly has something for everyone.” More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Crossroads Center

Area residents had their doubts when work began in the huge peat bog where slough grass and cattails thrived. The location between St. Cloud and Waite Park was ideal, but the site was considered “no man’s land” and “unbuildable.” The consensus was that no one would be able to build even a small structure on it. More

St. Cloud Area Then and Now: Lawrence Hall

St. Cloud State University’s Lawrence Hall, the oldest building on campus, sat nearly empty for nine years before its $6.4 million facelift and expansion began in June 2002. More